Some possible help for diabetics

July 4th, 2007

Some websites speacking about help for diabetics, see more under this google-selection:

Caveman diet ‘combats diabetes’, by Claire Smith, published on New Scotsman: The diet of a tribe who still follow a Stone Age lifestyle could provide a vital key to combat diabetes, according to a new study.

Inspired by the low incidence of heart disease and diabetes among the Kitava tribe of Papua New Guinea, scientists set out to discover if there was something in the hunter-gatherer lifestyle that helped combat the disease.

The findings of the Swedish research show a “paleolithic” diet is considerably more effective than a healthy Mediterranean diet in reducing fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

The main difference between the diets was a much lower consumption of grain and dairy products, and a higher consumption of fruit in the Stone Age group.

Scientists found that patients with poor glucose control greatly improved their ability to handle sugar after switching to prehistoric eating habits.

The paleolithic diet given to the volunteers was similar to what early modern humans were eating when they first walked out of Africa 70,000 years ago.

At that time, before the advent of farming, humans were hunter-gatherers feeding off the land. Diets then consisted of lean meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, root vegetables and nuts.

Cereals, dairy products, refined fat and sugar – which provide most of the calories of the modern diet – only became staple foods with the start of agriculture about 9,000 years ago.

For the study, 14 glucose-intolerant heart patients were asked to copy the diet of their ancient ancestors for 12 weeks. (full text).

See the same sound on all other posts, of the mentionned Google-selection, two more of them hereafter:

Hunter-gatherer diet could help diabetics;

Beating diabetes the Stone Age way. …

My personal comment: I ’should have’ diabetics’, but since two years ago, when first appeared, I try to hold consequently the line of eating … not half, not a quart, but something of an eight I had eaten before (1/1 was much much too much).

I confirm the above given diet: vegetables and fish are very best for me. Meat and eggs and fruits are ok, but not too much. Breads and milk stuff gives energy, but best is only few consumation. For fat I take only very few olive oil (a spoon per week).

Sometimes it seemed being hell, the hunger was so strong that in the beginning I began to rise heavily my coffee consumption – to compensate.

Now, two years after, my body accepts again, almost always, to live with ‘only’ sugar level 4 (the European normal measure). Before, having less than sugar level 7-8, I felt sure to miss something and felt a strong need to eat.

I understood, that for a diabetic, food is like a drug. It IS a drug, and reducing food is felt like being under detoxication of drugs.

To KNOW that helps not to feel lesser the removal of toxin symptoms, but it helps to stand the hunger, and to accept almost all time NOT to eat more.

So, within two years now, my body accepts that level 4 of sugar is ‘normal’, the body is no more ‘crying’.

Since a year I began also to go regularly to swim, and I began to take diving lessons. One must know, that diving is strictly forbidden if you begin to take these medicaments helping the body to absorb again the food.

But I was strictly against this method. First, I had too much weight, I wanted to loose it since a long time … it was the real moment to become serious.

Second, once you begin with this medical stuff, the body ‘makes with it’ and never more will absorb food voluntarily, (understand: the cells are independent working units, with a proper intelligence. I decided to accept their intelligence, rather than forcing them to eat, like we force geeses to become a fat lever, which lever we eat later).

I decided, never take this medical stuff, even if I no more want go for diving. And – with some failures – I reduced rather quickly, within almost a year, from 73 to 58 kg.

But, do not think the battle is over. As I began to swim almost every day, the hunger increased. To handle the balance, how much is correct to eat a bit more, and not too much more, (and also not remain to eat too less), believe me, it is not an easy handling. It is the trying out of a balance we have lost of the feeling. It is to learn again: what is good for the body, and not only for the greed.

Fore example last week, my body was not hungry, I felt well, easy, had practically ‘best blood sugar results’, but during a whole week I had hallucinations of a big Swiss Chocolate. My nose smelt it, my inner eyes have seen the chocolate in the air, directly before my real eyes. Ok, I had much swimming activity, instead of this hallucinating chocolate, I had eaten a bit more, just a bit too much more, to feel again some slight sugar symptoms, but today it is over again, I am fine.

What is the lesson? We all eat not only for food, but mostly for compensation. The compensation of a life too low of what we could do, be, realize, dream …

We need food like we need smoke, coffee, drugs … sugar is just another drug.

To have diabetics means, to be drugged.

Thats all. The rest is Hollywood, justification, an attempt to lie to ourselves. If you have diabetics, just eat 1/8, hold the line and forget all the rest, inclusive medicaments.

But IF you take already medicaments, stop them only with the help of your doctor.

Good luck.

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